Indoor Location Tracking

Indoor Location Tracking systems locate people or objects inside a building using radio waves, magnetic fields, acoustic signals or other sensory information collected by a smartphone device or tablet.


When visiting a building (airport, mall, office building, exhibition hall etc.) for the first time, orientation and navigation around the building is a bit challenging. Direction signs and static plans often don’t provide the help you need to find a specific location in time, resulting in stressful situations and delays. As we spend a major chunk of our time indoors and consume the majority of our mobile data indoors, the mobile phone is the natural tool to facilitate Indoor Tracking and Navigation.


With the unavailability of GPS in a closed environment or indoors, Prisma offers indoor navigation, positioning and tracking systems using iBeacons and Bluetooth Beacons as a sensory information. Our indoor tracking system works on a mobile app and receives user position information transmitted from the beacons in order to inform the user of assets based on his current location in real time.


Being venue centric and venue oriented, the technology has utility in the space for specific location based marketing. Armed with a smartphone and the app using our Indoor Location Tracking system, visitors can locate themselves on a digital building map and route to any desired Point of Interest (POI). The Indoor Tracking System is targeted for tracking and navigation within malls or events/exhibitions.


An indoor analytics system which is integrated at the back-end enables the solution to provide an in-depth understanding of user behaviour and consumer interests. In case of a mall, it will enable the team to know which spot in the mall has the maximum average density of people spending the maximum amount of time. The technology is directed to attract users to avail lucrative offers by brands and thereby initiating location-aware communication within the mall.