Multi-Touch Interactive Table Software

The Multi-Touch Interactive Table is a through glass capacitive touch screen technology and is essentially used to capture the actual user touch on a glass/acrylic surface. This technology offers a complete interactive experience for the user and serves as an engaging medium to impart vital information to your target audience. It has infinite possibilities and is thus applicable across a pool of industry verticals.



We have developed multi-touch software products that allow users to drag, resize, and rotate photos, videos and electronic documents. Prisma Multi-Touch Interactive Table Software will enable visitors to access multiple windows or functions simultaneously on one particular screen. The interactive table can be strategically placed at site offices or at exhibition stalls to engage prospects and share vital information.



Another utility for the multi-touch table in the space of interactivity is gaming. Prisma has developed a set of intuitive games for your brand to connect with users and especially to attract a younger audience. The multi-touch table along with our gaming solutions have been successfully deployed at the site play area and gymnasium for some of the most reputed real estate giants in India. Along with the gaming solutions, multi-touch tables for informative purposes have been set-up at the site offices and sales offices of our reputed real estate clients.


Our software development team creates and builds custom multi-touch software’s for your brand. From providing standard templates to creating new software’s from scratch, our team delivers robust software’s with intuitive User Interface to provide users with an engaging and interactive experience.